Friday, January 15, 2010

wine labels and wine festivals

A subcommittee of volunteers is meeting at the winery tomorrow, Saturday 16 Jan, to discuss wine labels. There has been a lot of discussion and thought and ideas going around. Now it's time to finalize our concepts and decide on a style and presentation that fits with the winery's principles, communicates our vision, and expresses who we are.

At the last board meeting Laschelle brought by the plans for the tasting room build-out. All present agreed it was a fine plan.
It was also decided that POLW would attend four of the six state-wide wine festivals this year! Check out the list at: We won't make the first festival of the season because we're bottling our whites too close to the date. Freshly bottled wine goes through an awkward stage for about a month or so after being bottled where it does not taste so great. The general concensus was 'better safe than sorry', especially since it would have been our very first festival.

The winery's first festival appearance will be the Chesapeake Bay Wine Festival, June 5 and 6. Want to get in for free? Our volunteers get free entrance to the festival for working half a shift! Help us at our tent for three hours and the rest of the day is yours to explore the festival and all that maryland wineries have to offer.